Prayer is an important part of Christian living as it helps us to build our relationship with God; however, it is not always easy to pray, and sometimes God might answer our prayers in unexpected ways.

Talking to God and listening to Him forms an integral part in building our relationships, both as individuals and corporately.  We can come to God, talk to Him, receive from Him anytime, anywhere, in a variety of ways.  Prayer draws us closer to God, listening to Him challenging and changing us.

The church’s prayer box is located in the library, by the lift.  If you would like to request a prayer, simply write it down (as much detail as you are comfortable with). You may place your request in a provided envelope, if you wish ( these will not be opened & disposed of discreetly), or simply place request in box.  The Prayer Group will lift up your prayer requests on Wednesday.

Members of the church will meet in the sanctuary every Wednesday at 10AM.  At this time prayer requests from the Sunday service and from the Prayer Box will be lifted up.  The group will also pray for concerns of our world.  This is a quiet and reflective time.  Anyone wishing to join us is welcome!  Prayers usually last about 30 minutes.

Where ever you are on Wednesdays around 10AM, please pause and be in prayer with the church Prayer Group for a minute or two.  Naturally, pause when it is safe to do so.

Owendale United Methodist  Church Prayer

Loving God, may we fulfill our calling as your people, living out the values of the gospel among our neighbors.  Breathe in to us your Spirit so that we can share your love with those we meet in our daily lives.

Grant us insights and the strength we need to make our church a place where strangers become friends and companions on the path of faith.

Show us how to work with other Christians so that together we many reveal your love.

We ask our prayer in the name of Jesus, the risen Lord.